There is default one that is in /styles/master1/c/ folder. If you want to replace it, just upload image with "caption-sub.jpg" name to the folder. Size should be 1920 x 320 pixels (6:1)

You can use Caption Image field in CMS to replace it on specific pages.

Or upload Category Image on category pages.

1. CMS - "Header" field

2. Ecommerce Category - category name

3. Ecommerce Product - product name

4. Blog list - blog name

5. Blog post - post name

6. News/Events item - news/events name


Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules

Road Shows

Road shows come in all different shapes and sizes and are for many different purposes.. A road show, depending on the client, can be: a financial program to introduce a new company, to initiate an IPO, to present, launch, or relaunch a new product or service to the trade or to the consumer. A road show can also be about meeting clients, suppliers, and others to outline the latest developments or needs. Whatever the purpose, American Guest USA is your answer for your road show. The scope of the roadshow can be in the same city , over a few states, in the region, nationally or even, internationally. Regardless of the number of stops, we can offer expert planning. Whatever the size and where ever they come from, we have the experience to bring everyone together for success.

The Planning: Too many roadshows and meetings are planned as individual moving parts (transportation, lodging, logistics, dining, A/V, etc.) when they are one single event We make sure all aspects are prepared and presented, and offer you a program ready for everything. We present complete and fully customizable roadshow solution with just one point of contact; one person responsible to one person- you. What was a challenge, or even a chore, becomes one answer. We make it easier to manage and account for all the players and expenses.

Background: For 16+ years, American Guest USA has been providing meeting, incentive and road show programs to and for all 50 states and into Europe, South and Central America. We are a full service event and destination Management Company with an exclusive network of very reliable and professional suppliers to plan everything you could need for your roadshow, plus tons of extras.

Contact: We welcome meeting you or arranging a call to showcase the possibilities and introduce the principals. We guarantee to save you time, reduce anxiety, and take on the bulk of the responsibility. We often save our clients in many ways – time, stress, cost and flexibility.

SEO Content appears the first in source code and on the very bottom of page. Its placement depends on Module.

1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

2. E-commerce categories have it in "SEO ("SEO Content")" section.

3. E-commerce Product is editable in "SEO Data (Content)" section.


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